Monday, November 24, 2008

Our Kidless weekend at the Beach...

This weekend Larry and I went to a resort on the beach on the coast of Washington for a couple nights. We left after work Friday afternoon and drove about 5 hours. We drove through desert, mountains, rain, and snow...and even almost hit an elk, but eventually we got there. It was completely dark the whole time, so it was nice on the ride home actually seeing what we had driven through. It was an absolutely beautiful drive!

We stayed in Ocean Shores, WA at a resort where we had a great room overlooking the ocean with a nice fireplace. We had a credit that covered all of our meals in a nice restaurant and each of us had massage included in our package. That was my first massage ever...and I have to say that it was pretty mediocre. (The lady ended up talking my ear off...and quit massaging when she was talking!)

My parents and sister watched my girls while we were away, and we had such a nice time. Good conversations...good laughs...and great memories!

For Twilight fans: Larry even went to the Twilight movie with me, which was fun! When we were driving, we realized that we were very close to Forks, we had to check it out!


Holly and Ryan said...

What a fun date night(s)!

Jennica said...

Sounds like so much fun. Who took that picture?
I was hoping you hadn't gone to see Twilight, I haven't gone yet, and there's no way Rob would appreciate Edward and Bella like I would.
....any chance you wanna go again? with some fun girls? girls night out?