Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Campers!

All summer we promised that the girls we would go camping and we finally did it. We went with some friends to a nearby campground that is on the Snake River. We were right next to a park and had a great view of the river. Most importantly, it had showers and nice I was happy. We had the usual camp favorites hobo dinners, smores, and hot dogs. The kids had a blast and we enjoyed the time in the outdoors.
The next day we spent a few hours on the water where our friends brought a jet ski and Mark and Bree brought the boat. Addie did the usual eyelash thing even going fast on the boat with the with blasting her while Mark was driving. We only got to stay one night because I had to rush back and prepare to teach my sharing time today, but it was a great weekend!


Taz said...

Am I imagining things, or are you roasting marshmallows on charcoal??? I guess camping is a bit different outside of Gods Country.

Bella Blogger said...

Hi Shanda,
Just stopping by to say hi. Looks like you are having fun in Washington and enjoying living by family. We almost moved to Seattle, but decide to head to Portland instead. We'll be moving around Christmas time. Hope Aana is enjoying kindergarten. Lily started too and is gone all day. Anyways, hope you are well.
Michelle Baird

Natalie said...

Hi Shanda,
I finally found your blog! Your girls are beautiful and your new life out west seems dreamlike! Do you miss our Ingleside days? You were a fun neighbor--wish we would have done more together! Take care and I will visit your blog regularly to see how you all are.