Thursday, August 14, 2008

Randomness and Bubblewrap!

I saw that I could put a playlist on the blog...and when I was choosing songs, I just went for different ones that made me smile for different I apologize for how strange the selection is. You can push pause on it...on the actual playlist icon!

And in the further spirit of randomness...I had to share this web site. I think it is funny that someone actually took their time and made this.

Now I have to tell you, that it just isn't as fun as the real thing! What do you think?

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Jennica said...

Vanilla Ice and Clint Black in the same playlist, yes, you are random. Are you reminiscing the past a bit? Those are all oldies but goodies. I've been thinking of the high school glory days with my 10-year reunion this weekend, no I didn't go, but just the songs made me remember all the fun/dumb things I did. Thanks for the randomness, I can always count on you.