Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Road Trip, Wedding, and some In and Out Burgers

So I have been pretty darn bad at blogging lately, but I have been out of town for the last couple of weeks. First a week in San Anotio, TX and I didn't take pics but once I get them, I will post....and then we drove to Sacramento for Brent and Kimberly's wedding.

It was a marathon trip with a 12 or so hour drive both ways crammed into a weekend. We got there and went straight to a great the kids had a blast. Both Aana and Addie amazed me with their bravery on the slides.

We were also able to go to In and Out...which is a RARE treat for us...and I never eat hamburgers, but I gave in and must admit, it was good.

The next day was filled with wedding festivities...and it was a good day. The wedding was beautiful and Brent and Kimberly looked amazing...

It caused me to think back to my own wedding (almost 8 years ago...) and it is amazing how much time has passed and how many things I have been blessed with.

The Girls...and Addie wouldn't get rid of the binky. We lost the cute one sometime in the day and teh "back up" binky was just too ugly for pics but she wouldn't part with it.
Yet another attempt at a family shot...we tried so many, but never got one where we were all smiling and looking decent.

Brent and Kimberly...the lovebirds!

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