Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bugz...and Bugs!

 Last week Aana was in a musical at her school called, "Bugz."  They sang, danced, and made us all laugh.  It was great!  All of the kids had to dress up like the bug of their choice.  I thought for sure she would want to be something beautiful like a butterfly, dragonfly or ladybug...but I was WRONG.  She wanted to be a beetle (more specifically a stink bug!)  Kids are SO random!  She stunk (by her own doing) and put a pillow up her back to look like a rounded exoskeleton.  I wasn't sure what else to do for that one. 


Laurene said...

What fun! Very clever! I had to google and found photos of an Arab elementary doing a Bugz program as well as some others; Christmas Bugz program and pop up books of school Bugz, Snow bugz, etc.

Taz said...

Cute stink bug!!