Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Official end of a great decade...beginning of another!

I am sorry to all readers that you have to hear more about my birthday...but it is my blog, so I guess it is okay. But this is the last post on that topic for this year...

But yesterday was a wondeful day. I started the day by going to a massage with my Mom at a great spa nearby. It was my first real massage and it was AMAZING!! Thank you Mom!! I think I am in love... (with you and massages!)

After that, a friend took me to lunch at Olive Garden and it was great. Kidless lunch, great company...good food! Later, we went to my parents house for a the big celebration. I loved it...because it was very personalized to ME. We had a great grilled cilantro-lime chicken salad with southwest dressing. After that we had some games going out in the lawn and my parents had it all set up to mine for gems in their backyard. They had bags of rocks/dirt from an emerald/ruby mine and it was all set up so we could rinse, sift, and look for gems. Larry and Aana found the best treasures so far, but it is still set up so we are going back to look for more. Dessert was a sinful chocolate cake . And anyone that knows me knows I LOVE CHOCOLATE! The company was great and the gifts were very thoughtful, but I think my favorite was a beautiful poem my dad had written me and framed. When you come to my house, you will have to read it... I will cherish it forever! Thanks Mom, Dad, and Larry for a great celebration...Thanks John, Melanie, Mark, Bree, Mom, Dad, Larry, and kids for coming! It was perfect! Now enough of the birthday stuff!

Aana and Wyatt

The serving dish Bree made for my birthday.

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Lexie said...

Hooray, I'm glad it was such a fun day. What a great idea to search for gems, that is awesome and I love the serving dish! Sounds like the perfect 30th to me.