Tuesday, May 5, 2009

End of the Road...Day 4

Day 4...last day! We went to the Seattle Aquarium where we saw seals, sea lions, octopus, fish, and more. The girls got to make crafts, get their faces painted, and had a great time! After that we headed to the North Bend Outlet mall, and headed home.
The Aquarium was not big but had several things the kids loved! Larry spent the first 30 mins driving around looking for a parking space...but the girls made Octopus' and tried to wait for him before exploring too much. We watched them feed an octopus and an eel which was really neat. The girls enjoyed touching the starfish, sea anenomes, and loved all the fish everywhere. Itwas a great ending to our Seattle adventure!

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Jennica said...

Octopus' are so cool! We will definitely have to hit the Aquarium next time.