Wednesday, July 16, 2008

And These are a few of MY favorite things...

After seeing the "Sound of Music a on the 4th...we have sung that song a lot in my house, and I keep thinking of some of my favorite things.

I was going to make them rhyme and follow the notes of the song, but...
it didn't work, so you are getting a list!

1. When my girls gut bust because they are so happy!
2. Larry cleaning the kitchen
3. Sleeping in after the alarm goes off
4. Calls/emails from faraway friends
5. My Moms cooking
6. Feeling full of energy after a good work out
7. Singing and not caring who is around!
8. Enjoying silence when everyone else is asleep!
9. Hearing my daughters humble, heartfelt prayers before bed
10. Slobbery baby kisses
11. Watching Aana learn to read
12. Fresh Garden tomatoes
13.The smell of clean laundry
14. Music...all kinds of music!
15. Ballroom dancing (though I have no clue how to do it!)

There are tons more, but that is good for now...

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